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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

"Bitchin' Twitchin' " lure making

I haven't been fishing for ages - way too much work to do for uni. However I have been spending a few minutes each day making lures which I thought I would post about.

Before I start, the idea came from the 'Totally Awesome Fishing Show' on Youtube, link: Totally awesome fishing show - bitchin' twitchin' rig
This video is definitely worth a watch as well as all of the other videos on their channel.

Basically the rig is a standard twitched sprat with a spoon ahead of the sprat - to act as an extra attraction for predators. The spoon can be made very cheaply from plastic disposable teaspoons - I got some from ebay for about a pound. 

Plastic teaspoon

Breaking the handle off at the base, the spoon blade is left. The rough edge is sanded down with emery paper I got from Wilkinsons for hardly anything. A small hole is drilled in the handle-end of the spoon. I don't have a drill with me so I improvised and used the peeler on my swiss army knife. The hole is about 2mm diameter. 

Spoon blade with hole

The inventor of this rig then used this blade on the rig. However, I think to take it a bit further, the blade could be painted with different designs that may be more of an attraction - just to experiment with.

For example, perch-like lures tend to work very well for predators. I used some old Humbrol enamel paints to create a perch pattern on some blades.

Homemade perch designs

I used a clear red to give the impression of a bleeding fish, which lets the light from the reflective surface through surprisingly well. 

I think the painted lures look awesome - although I might be a bit biased. I am definitely looking forward to trying them at some point soon. I may even scrap the sprat part of the rig entirely and just use the painted spoon blade itself as the lure. 

I will be painting a few more different designs over the next few days, and will post with pictures when I have finished them and rigged them up. 

Here is an example of one I am half way through:

Current project

I have painted the whole blade with the clear red and I intend to put some orange stripes and black dots on top - inspired by the 'Hot mustard muddler' Rapala colour scheme. 

If I am feeling ambitious one day I might try and paint a scale pattern on a silver blade - I'll see how it goes.

I hope if you read this I can inspire you to try making sure lures yourself - I enjoy it and I can imagine catching a fish on a homemade lure will feel a million times better than on something bought from a shop.

To be continued...

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